Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A nice surprise!

Last night while we were cooking dinner I rec'd a phone call from Sharon - I knew she was in Colorado but we werent sure if our schedules were going to work for us to get together ... but we were both free last night when she realized how close she was to my house!

It was GREAT to see her!! We had a great evening chatting, a trip to Starbucks (have we ever not gone to Starbucks when we are together?) looking at photos & of course playing games with Seth - Yatzee (Seth got to show off his fancy math skills!) & tic-tac-toe (which we all know Seth won!) :)

I snapped a few photos of Seth & Sharon being silly, I am sure they will both treasure these photos!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gorgeous day in Colorado

Ahhhhh today was the perfect temperature outside ... low 70's here in town and high 60's up in Daniel's Park where we ended up for a mid-day hike during our errand running. Of course I had my camera & was able to capture some great shots & even Seth got behind the camera to take a pic of Rick & me. :)