Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lovin' Target online photo (with Yahoo photos)

So my saga begins last week...

Tuesday, I received our Winkflash order of Christmas photo cards, love love how they turned out & LOVE how fast I rec'd the photo cards. I rush to adhere labels & stuff the envelopes with the photo cards & some of Seth's school photos ... then I remember I like to send additional photos to my mom's Aunt Eve in IL, Rick's Uncle Gil in CA & Rick's Grandma Sarah, but last year I printed off photos to include in the card mailing & some photos stuck together.

So Weds first thing in the morning I decide to upload the extra photos to King Soopers (local grocery store), they have a 1 hour photo development when you order online. This will be great, I can get the rest of the cards mailed by Thursday! LONG LONG story made short - Friday I cancelled my {still undeveloped} photo order, because they were having online issues.

Friday evening about 8pm I upload to Safeway (another local grocery store) ... I spend a good amount of time uploading photos & blah blah ... only to come to the end to be told I can pick up my photos in 4-7 days ... WHAT??? lol ... Argh!

Sooooo around 10pm Friday night I upload to Target, which promises me the photos will be developed by 11am Saturday morning ... A phone call to Target around 11:45am reassures me the photos are developed - YAY - and by noon they are in my hot little hands!!

I am relieved to say the remaining four Christmas cards are now stamped & sealed - they will be dropped off at the post office Monday morning on my way to work ! :)

This will also put Rick's Grandma Sarah's mind to rest, because she called me today wondering why other people in the family had received Christmas cards & she had not received hers {SHARON - was I on the MONEY with that one! LOL} ... I reassured her hers was almost postal & she was happy to hear that she was also receiving an 8x10 of Seth's school photo! :)

Oh & next year, I will be prepared to order my extra photos with my Christmas photo cards - live & learn!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hometown Holiday Celebration

I love this tradition of our town ~ it's a nice little celebration where vendors come out give free samples (lots of free food!) & coupons, horse drawn carriage rides, a train ride for the kids, Santa & his reindeer, the lighting of the town tree & of couse fireworks ... just a lot of fun! This is the second year of this celebration & the second year Seth & I have attended ... Rick's first year. Though, this year was a lot colder than last year, so it wasn't the ideal year for Rick to go ~ lol! Cold or not, it's such a good time for Seth!!

I met another scrapbooker today!! I am on the Kindergarten party planning committee - huh dont really remember signing up for these things - but knowing me I probably checked the lines thinking "sure I can be in charge of planning a party" lol!! Anyway ... me & two other moms have come up with some great activities for the kiddos ... and one of the moms is a scrapper! This is also the mom of Katie - Seth's girlfriend!! So like a good scrapper, I emailed her 16 pics I had of the kids at school, field day & the fall festival! :)

And because I love to share photos - here are some from tonight's Hometown Holiday Celebration :)