Friday, November 30, 2007

A bit of fun!

Get some good shots of SUPERMAN and you could make it onto tomorrow's front page of the DAILY PLANET!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well Saturday morning we were out of here bright & early (7:30am) for a tail gate party at one of the teammates house, then we had a convoy over to the stadium for an hr of practice & then the 10am game!

Our record was 8 & 1 - we lost to one team this year - Dolphin White ... who was 9 & 0 AND this was the team we were playing in the superbowl!!!

Well our boys came for some SWEET REDEMPTION!! They played like I have NEVER seen them play before! WE didnt just win - WE KICKED SOME DOLPHIN BUTT!!!

At Half time it was 27-6, I don't think they were ready for us to bring our game, we were moving that ball on every play!!

Seth caught a TOUCHDOWN PASS!!! WAHOOOO !! One of the only two passes that were caught during the game & MAN OH MAN it was AWESOME!!!

Here is the final scoreboard ( WE ARE THE GUEST TEAM!)

and here is my boy who was v. v. nervous before the game but played like he was an ol' pro!!

So then a lot of celebrating & a big lunch for the boys (Old Chicago even gave us all free desserts to congradulate the boys!!) AND then he team came over for a celebration party!! Man this has been one exciting day- oh & I lost my voice by half time!!

Sunday, I had to help Seth wash all of the paint of my Yukon's windows!!! LOL!! Every car in our convoy was painted up!!

We had the best group of parents on our team & we are really going to miss hanging with them every Tuesday & Thursday nights & going to lunch after the games on Saturday ... we will be keeping in touch during the off season!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SBO's November 2007 Contest: CLEAR Projects!!

Nov. 2007 Contest Information: CLEAR Projects!!

In November at we have decided that we want to be able to see thru your layouts & projects!!

To play in our November contest all you have to do is upload your favorite {never posted in the SBO gallery before} layout or project that we can see thru!!

So dig out those clear mini albums, transparencies, ghost shapes or any clear embellishments and get to work!! If you don’t have any be sure to check out all of the clear goodies in the SBO Store –such as Page Frames, One Heart One Mind, My Mind’s Eye and Heidi Swapp products!!

* All images will be displayed in our monthly contest gallery.
* Please include a supply list & journaling.
* Our winner will be notified by e-mail and must respond within 2 weeks of notification.
* Winner will be announced in our monthly newsletter and on our site.
* Winning Layout: Our Design Team will select one winning layout.
* The winner of this contest will receive $25.00 gift certificate.
* All entries must be received between November 1, 2007 and November 25, 2007.* Only ONE submission per person will be accepted.
* No previously published work will be accepted.
* Open to US and Canada residents only.
* Submissions can be made by emailing or by uploading it to the "CLEAR" contest gallery.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Whoaaaaaa Mohawk!!

At the beginning of Seth's football season, his coach told the boys that if they made it to the play-off's that they could give him a mohawk - since Aug the coach went without a hair cut ... on Thursday night each boy got to take a few swipes at the coach's hair for his mohawk!!

Also at the beginning of the season my boy - who always wanted a mohawk & spikes his hair at ANY chance he gets - asked me if they made it to the play-offs if he could also get a mohawk ... sure sure son ... well here we are ... Our approval of Seth's mohawk set of a frenzy of 6 yr old boys plotting mohawks!

Tonight, Rick gave mohawks to Seth & his best pal Zach - ahhh these two are absolutely adorable!! (and I cant wait to black mail them with some pics when they are older ;) )

Seth (top) & Zach (bottom) before:

I can truly say I was nervous - but I was sticking to allowing Seth to get a mohawk ... and I have to say that I think he looks soooooo stinkin' cute!! It totallly fits both him & Zach (as you can see in the after photo LOL you can click on it for a bigger photo) their teacher is going to absolutely FLIP out on Tuesday ... ah welll ROCK ON these boys will remember this forever! ;)