Friday, January 19, 2007

whew ~ finally an update!

Okay soooooo total slacker I am with this blog - but I think I know what my problem is - hey that is the FIRST STEP, right ? Right? ;)

Anyway I think tooooo much stuff happens all at once & then I feel overwhelmed with what do I blog? So I just don't blog! lol!!

So, here we go with the present day stuff & we will all just accept that we have had 4 big snow storms in 4 weeks along with Christmas & New Years in there ... and we are to get more snow this weekend but it's not looking to be a whole lot - which is probably good here 'cause we really need to thaw out! :)

Yesterday was Rick & my 10 year wedding anniversary - how cool! 10 yrs have gone by so fast yet so much has happened! It also makes us feel a little old since we met when I was just 16, but didn't marry until two weeks before my 23rd birthday - so at this point I have known Rick for half my life!

Here is a photo Seth took of us last night as we headed out to can we just say YUMMMMMY!!! Ohhh man the food was just to die for! It was nice to go back & splurge a little bit! Seth stayed with our neighbors & went to their daughter's soccer games - he had a great time too! :)

Here is a photo Seth took of me while we were waiting for Rick to get ready so we could go to Brooks - I love this photo & I love that Seth has a HUGE interest in photography - lol - he was telling me how to pose! And I really DIG the afternoon light in our entry way - it sure makes great lighting for indoor photos ... wish I could save it & have it at my disposal! lol!

And just so he doesnt get mad at me - here is a photo of Seth with his new haircut on Jan 17th :)