Saturday, September 15, 2007

two - and - oh!

I am sure y'all are sick of hearing about football - but for me this is AWESOME! I love football & to have a son playing is amazing!

YaY!! Warriors black is undefeated!! (we won both scrimmages & both regular season games!!)

Today's game was not a shut out & they were a very hard team with some tricks of their own & some pretty BIG players!!

We scored / they scored / we scored / they scored / we scored & scored & scored ... until 34 to 12. The boys on BOTH teams worked their butts off at this game & it was so exciting to watch!!

But the best part - THE BEST PART ... with 6 plays left in the game we made it to the 1/2 yard line just before making a touchdown ...and instead of going for the touchdown, we took a knee and ended the game. The other team would get the ball back with two plays IF we made it in ... but why rub it in when they could not catch up or have a chance to win on those two plays.

I tell ya - these boys are going to come away with amazing sports ethics & for that I am thankful everyday!! We are so lucky to be on this team!!

So - for Seth keeping track:

Game #1 55 - 7
Game #2 34 -12

Keep it up guys you EARNED todays win!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football photos!

Last night Seth's team had their football photos taken ~ a group of professional photographers comes to the practice field & takes the kids photos. Much like school photos you pick your package & order before you see the prints. We ordered a package that has the team photo, a 5x7 of Seth & some wallets of Seth ... and of course we ordered a set of trading cards with Seth's stats! Too cute! :)

The photographer was pretty cool & he let some of the parents take pics too ... which was good because I was ready to beg him to let me take some of my own photos ;)

here are two of Seth & one of his ROCKIN' team! :)