Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project 365: June 17th - June 28th

June 17 2009
Seth's collection of smashed pennies from various locations - okay every place he has been that has a penny smasher. The pile on the table are new ones from South Dakota. I need to find a bigger booklet or just another one.

June 18 2009
Seth in our front yard - BIG thanks to Mother Nature & her rain every day in June, normally by this time we are struggling to keep the grass brown! ;)

June 19 2009
Seth & his passport for his Top Secret Adventures. He loves these mysteries that my mom sends to him regularly.

June 20 2009
The weekend of baseball - five games in two days. Three games on Saturday & two on Sunday! Seth had the games of his life - he is really growing into his natural athletic abilities & is a big asset to his team. Seth rec'd a game ball on Saturday & on Sunday - WTG!!

June 21 2009
Happy Father's Day!

June 22 2009
Lol - I love this guy! Seth bought him out of the gum-ball machine at the grocery store & he gave it to Rick for Father's Day! (I want one too!)

June 23 2009
Wow - we are having some CRAZY weather here! We have only gotten to 90 degrees once this month & we have had severe weather (rain, hail, tornados) nearly every day! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming & the bugs have taken over! ;)

June 24, 2009
Seth is in a three-day Line-Man only camp. I think it will be very helpful with techniques for him!  Seth is the one in all black in mid-air.

June 25, 2009
Happy 38th anniversary to my mom & dad today! Even in the rain, Seth still had his Lineman camp ... I didn't go but here I am grilling burgers in the downpour - guess Mother Nature & I did not share the same dinner plans! ;) And I was too lazy to run upstairs to get my shoes so I threw on Seth's flip flops - they ALMOST fit me!!

June 26 2009
My gorgeous boy (and his new mouth-piece lol!) all ready for football!

June 27 2009
Seth & I hit the pool today before the storms moved in - man it was HOT out!

June 28 2009
Seth with my jello test run!  I made this recipe in preperation of his baseball party - I was trying for red / black / white ... I was told purple & orange would make black but not really.  It sure is YUMMY though with the white layer in there!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WHOA!!! I have a ...

SECRET TOOT!  I never have secret toots!  This is super COOL!!! I will share when I can! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project 365: June 6th - June 16th

A long photo filled update of Project 365 - lots of vacation photos! :)

June 6, 2009
One of Rick's co-worker's has a rock wall in his living room!  His sons are both rock climbing fanatics so they made this really cool rock wall in their house.  Seth loved being able to climb on it.

June 7, 2009
At Seth's baseball game.  

June 8, 2009
Here come the flowers!  I love this time of the year!

June 9, 2009
Another flower - my yard is starting to be full of color!

June 10, 2009
FYI - Don't speed in Wyoming!  When they say speed limit is 75 they mean you can not go over 77 mph ... we won't discuss what he 'clocked' me at ... 

Seth at The Mammoth Site during the Jr. Paleontologist dig.  He loved it!

June 11, 2009
Us at Mt. Rushmore. Not the best photo, but the better of the two a random lady took for us ... 

The snake show at Reptile Gardens - I think this was Rick & Seth's favorite part of the trip!

We stopped at the COSMOS Mystery Area.  This was very weird and very cool ... made me a bit dizzy! :)

June 12, 2009
Crazy Horse is AMAZING!  They say that the four president's heads of Mt. Rushmore would fit on the side of Crazy Horse's face.  I can only hope that this monument would be completed in my life time since I would love to see it completed - it will be massive!  But it has taken them so long to come this far, that I know I won't see it complete. :(

The begging burros at Custer State Park had us laughing so hard!!  These guys were awesome! They ate two loaves of bread & a box of graham crackers pretty quick (the graham crackers were not intended for them but they sure ate them!) - and at one point we had SEVEN of them at our car!!  This guy was my buddy - when I stopped feeding him he would stick his head way in the car & just open his mouth (and take a few random nips or push me with his head)!  Such a fun experience! 

Rick & Seth panning for gold.  They found a few flecks of gold but they were pretty hard to pick up ... they did find lots of 'fools gold' though! 

June 13, 2009
The Badlands ... I thought they were rock formations ... but no they are actually dirt.  Gorgeous and fun to climb on!

Seth being sworn in as an assistant deputy in Deadwood, SD during a street performance.

Seth with two of the street performers during the show in Deadwood

June 14, 2009
Seth at the geographic center of the United States - Belle Fourche, SD.

Devil's Tower - very very cool ... and I love the American Flag with it.  There is a really nice 1 1/2 mile walk around Devil's Tower - very interesting to see the different sides of it ... they are all so different from one another!

June 15, 2009
These are rocks from what used to be the mountain where they are carving Crazy Horse.  For a small donation you could take one home ... these will sit in my flower garden.  

June 16, 2009
My roses are blooming!  Thankfully they were not damaged during the recent hail storms!

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Project 365: May 24th - June 5th

Here is another Project 365 catch up post and we are officially past the half-way point of the year and this project!  Things seem to be crazy busy with baseball, school year ending, planning a trip to Mt. Rushmore, not to mention just work and life in general! :)

May 24th
After my family was here for a BBQ the wind, rain & hail kicked in ... we sat on the front porch & watched it until we started getting wet, then we sat in the entry way ... Oswald is such a good dog - he just sat at the open door & watched the hail and rain! :)

May 25th
Happy Memorial Day!  I am forever thankful to each and every person who has served in the US Military.

May 26th
Tonight Seth's baseball league was invited to walk Coors Field as the Rockies warmed up for their game.  Such a neat experience for the kids.  This year, since Rick is an asst. coach, he was invited too (each team is only supposed to have two coaches with the team on the field).

May 27th
Each child in Seth's class was assigned a famous American - they had to do research & put together a chronological timeline of the person's life.  All of this research was done at school, we just had to make (or in our case buy) a costume.  Seth's famous person was Neil Armstrong. The presentations were AMAZING!!  I was  blown away by each & everyone of them!

May 28th
Remember all of that cookie dough we bought for Seth's fundraiser - well we gotta eat it, right? ;)

May 29th
The boys were putting on their war paint in the dug out at their game Friday night. :)

May 30th
Seth making a great play at third base - this was the weekend of baseball! Three games in three days! :)

May 31st
At Seth's game on Sunday we watched the storm clouds roll in ... I love seeing the snowcapped mountains in the distance!

June 1st
Los Arcos - a super yummy Mexican restaurant we eat at regularly! 

June 2nd
Last night at Seth's baseball practice the head coach decided to shake things up & they did a baseball skills competition, with baseball cards as the prizes for the most points.  Seth won in a few categories including being in the top two with the most points, so he rec'd a special baseball card too!  He has now been going to to play the games there - it's a great site!
After posting this photo, I was checking my blog & how weird that it looks like Seth has caps or something on his back teeth - he doesn't have any cavities - weird lighting?? how odd!

June 3rd
Seth's best school pals - Rudy & Peyton - they played after school almost every evening this week!

June 4th
Baby Lilies!  The night I hurt my foot I had planted some lily bulbs to fill out my lily garden & they are coming up!  There are already about 8 of these little guys!!  

June 5th
Good-bye second grade! Wow this school year went fast & I am sure the summer will go even faster! It was a great year for Seth and I cannot believe he is a THIRD GRADER!

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