Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lovin' Target online photo (with Yahoo photos)

So my saga begins last week...

Tuesday, I received our Winkflash order of Christmas photo cards, love love how they turned out & LOVE how fast I rec'd the photo cards. I rush to adhere labels & stuff the envelopes with the photo cards & some of Seth's school photos ... then I remember I like to send additional photos to my mom's Aunt Eve in IL, Rick's Uncle Gil in CA & Rick's Grandma Sarah, but last year I printed off photos to include in the card mailing & some photos stuck together.

So Weds first thing in the morning I decide to upload the extra photos to King Soopers (local grocery store), they have a 1 hour photo development when you order online. This will be great, I can get the rest of the cards mailed by Thursday! LONG LONG story made short - Friday I cancelled my {still undeveloped} photo order, because they were having online issues.

Friday evening about 8pm I upload to Safeway (another local grocery store) ... I spend a good amount of time uploading photos & blah blah ... only to come to the end to be told I can pick up my photos in 4-7 days ... WHAT??? lol ... Argh!

Sooooo around 10pm Friday night I upload to Target, which promises me the photos will be developed by 11am Saturday morning ... A phone call to Target around 11:45am reassures me the photos are developed - YAY - and by noon they are in my hot little hands!!

I am relieved to say the remaining four Christmas cards are now stamped & sealed - they will be dropped off at the post office Monday morning on my way to work ! :)

This will also put Rick's Grandma Sarah's mind to rest, because she called me today wondering why other people in the family had received Christmas cards & she had not received hers {SHARON - was I on the MONEY with that one! LOL} ... I reassured her hers was almost postal & she was happy to hear that she was also receiving an 8x10 of Seth's school photo! :)

Oh & next year, I will be prepared to order my extra photos with my Christmas photo cards - live & learn!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hometown Holiday Celebration

I love this tradition of our town ~ it's a nice little celebration where vendors come out give free samples (lots of free food!) & coupons, horse drawn carriage rides, a train ride for the kids, Santa & his reindeer, the lighting of the town tree & of couse fireworks ... just a lot of fun! This is the second year of this celebration & the second year Seth & I have attended ... Rick's first year. Though, this year was a lot colder than last year, so it wasn't the ideal year for Rick to go ~ lol! Cold or not, it's such a good time for Seth!!

I met another scrapbooker today!! I am on the Kindergarten party planning committee - huh dont really remember signing up for these things - but knowing me I probably checked the lines thinking "sure I can be in charge of planning a party" lol!! Anyway ... me & two other moms have come up with some great activities for the kiddos ... and one of the moms is a scrapper! This is also the mom of Katie - Seth's girlfriend!! So like a good scrapper, I emailed her 16 pics I had of the kids at school, field day & the fall festival! :)

And because I love to share photos - here are some from tonight's Hometown Holiday Celebration :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Okay, so it's no secret that I just LOVE the snow!! Last night we had our first snow of the season and some of the kiddos of the neighborhood could not have been more excited! I love the innocence of kids playing in the snow - the snow & the sleds kept them entertained for about two {chilly} hours!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I am here ...

okay I have been having major issues when ever I attempt to update this blog ... so hopefully this works!

Things have been good - busy - but good!! Seth is doing awesome in school! He was tested for the gifted program in Sept & he passed out of Kindergarten! WTG Seth! So he is being taught a first grade curriculum and will remain with his Kindergarten class. He is also on his way to reading like a pro - we read for 20min every night & man this kid picks things up quick!! We are so proud of him!!

We have been watching a lot of football, naturally & are all ready to watch the Broncos kick some Raven butt on Monday Night Football! :)

It has been nice to see my family these past two weekends ~ two weeks ago my parents came over & spent all day Saturday with us! And this past Saturday my brother, SIL & their two kids came over ... both were great days!

So I will leave you with some photos of the kids this weekend!

#1 Blaise (my nephew) & Seth in Seth's playhouse
#2 Haeley (my niece) sound asleep in Rick's arms
#3 Seth & Blaise riding bikes
#4 Awww look at the proud big brother
#5 Blaise, Seth & Haeley ... this one will be used in a Christmas present for my parents since it the one of the few pics of their three grandchildren :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A nice surprise!

Last night while we were cooking dinner I rec'd a phone call from Sharon - I knew she was in Colorado but we werent sure if our schedules were going to work for us to get together ... but we were both free last night when she realized how close she was to my house!

It was GREAT to see her!! We had a great evening chatting, a trip to Starbucks (have we ever not gone to Starbucks when we are together?) looking at photos & of course playing games with Seth - Yatzee (Seth got to show off his fancy math skills!) & tic-tac-toe (which we all know Seth won!) :)

I snapped a few photos of Seth & Sharon being silly, I am sure they will both treasure these photos!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gorgeous day in Colorado

Ahhhhh today was the perfect temperature outside ... low 70's here in town and high 60's up in Daniel's Park where we ended up for a mid-day hike during our errand running. Of course I had my camera & was able to capture some great shots & even Seth got behind the camera to take a pic of Rick & me. :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

new favorite photos ...

Dont you love it when you look at the photos on your camera card & you find an amazing photo when you were just expecting an everyday photo? Last Saturday, we put some new Bronco tattoos on Seth for the pre-season game & naturally I wanted some photos of my crazy Bronoco fan ... I finally downloaded the photos today - man I love these esp. the first two:

So ya think this kid is ready for football or what? LOL! ;)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to school ...

Well with everyone else getting into the back to school mode, I thought I'd share my photos of Seth's first days of kindergarten - He started on July 5th because he is in a year around school (so he goes typically 12 weeks on / 3 weeks off). So far he just LOVES it! He loves learning and being in the school environment.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Last Saturday we set out an adventure - less than 5 min. from our home we went down to Plum Creek to look for frogs & crawdads & any other creatures we could find! For Seth an afternoon like is this the ultimate adventure and of course Rick & I had fun! :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Are you ready for some football??

Well the NFL football season cannot get here soon enough for this little guy! He is all decked out in Bronco attire - incl. socks (and notice the Bronco tattoo on his arm!)

I love his genuine smile, here ~ I am thinkin' maybe I should let him wear something Bronco related to school on Weds for his school pictures ... think Bronco socks will get me this smile ?


Thursday, August 03, 2006

My roses

My roses have had a heck of a year ... first they were sooo dry from the lack of spring rain, then they were hit with a lot of wind & hail during this crazy summer of ours - yet they keep me smiling by blooming again & again! :)

Here are some photos I took Weds night (the B&W ones are edited in PS3):

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My banner!

YAY added my own banner & I have to say I LOVE that photo! I took this photo up at Rocky Mountain National Park in June ... this is what Colorado is all about - gorgeous landscaping & the sky so blue it takes your breath away (esp. at 12,000 ft. above sea level! LOL!)

I used a tutorial from Lindsey Teague's blog - Thanks Lindsey!! And of course a BIG thanks to Rick, who helped me when I was stuck & frustrated lol!

While I am gushing about our visit to Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park - I will leave you with a few more photos from that day! :)
Photo #1 ~ the growth season is so short up there that things barely have time to bloom before it's frozen again ... but I fell in love with the tiny flowers that did bloom up there ... btw, that is Seth's finger so you can see how tiny they really are!

Photo #2 ~ Tundra! I didnt know we had tundra here in CO! Love that we do and still amazed that parts of CO has the same environment as Northern Canada & Alaska!

Photo #3 ~ Love the wildlife!!

Photo #4 ~ The sign says it all!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

These photos I took back at the end of January ~ played with them a little bit in PS3 last night ... lovin' the black & white ones they just look so classic ... look for these on a layout soon {Thursday} on

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"I have been frequently accused of deliberately twisting subject-matter to my point of view. Above all, I know that life for a photographer cannot be a matter of indifference. Opinion often consists of a kind of criticism. But criticism can come out of love. It is important to see what is invisible to others – perhaps the look of hope or the look of sadness. Also, it is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph. My photographs are not planned or composed in advance, and I do not anticipate that the onlooker will share my viewpoint. However, I feel that if my photograph leaves an image on his mind, something has been accomplished." -Robert Frank