Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football photos!

Last night Seth's team had their football photos taken ~ a group of professional photographers comes to the practice field & takes the kids photos. Much like school photos you pick your package & order before you see the prints. We ordered a package that has the team photo, a 5x7 of Seth & some wallets of Seth ... and of course we ordered a set of trading cards with Seth's stats! Too cute! :)

The photographer was pretty cool & he let some of the parents take pics too ... which was good because I was ready to beg him to let me take some of my own photos ;)

here are two of Seth & one of his ROCKIN' team! :)


Jolene said...

The photos look great! Who needs portraits when you can take pics like those! The trading cards will be cool. Can't wait to see you scrap them.

{patty} said...

OMGosh, he is like the cutest footballer ever!! I love his missing tooth smile and the colors rock! Chase is dying till next year when he can play!

KSmith said...

I'd be scared if he was coming my way on the field. Great pics