Sunday, October 07, 2007

An update!

September was a busy month for us with Seth being off track & having football - but I think we have settled back down & Seth is back in school and we still have football ! :)

Today there is a chill in the air so it really feels & looks like fall since the insane winds we have had the past few days have knocked a lot of the leaves off of the trees AND a pumpkin has replaced our flower pots on our front porch! :)

After yesterday's game we are 5 & 0!! These little guys play their hearts out & it's has been an amazing journey to watch them develop into little players!!

Yesterday's game was even more exciting because SETH CAUGHT A TOUCH DOWN PASS!! That's right!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!

This is our first time being involved in sports as a family & it really tests my strength as an adult - I play fair ... Seth's coaches are sooo strong on ethics & sportsmanship that we were def. placed on the right team ... BUT sooo many parents and coaches are mean, they lie & cheat for their teams & it is sad - I really feel bad for the boys on their teams.

A very cool thing at Seth's game yesterday was that Ed McCaffrey an ex-Denver Bronco (one of my FAVORITE players) was at the game - his kiddo plays on the opposing team. The boys were v. excited to learn a Denver Bronco was watching the game! :)

For Seth keeping track:

Game #1 55 - 7
Game #2 35 - 12
Game #3 39 - 34
Game #4 61 - 14
Game #5 30 - 12

Three more games left, we are told they are HARD TEAMS ... and going into yesterday's game we were one of two undefeated teams left & the other one we play in the upcoming weeks.

Here are a few pics from Saturday's game:


Jolene said...

LOOOOOOOVE the orange pic! And WTG that you are involved with a team and coach that plays fair. It's a hard lesson for kids to learn, but I'm so glad you are on THIS side of that topic. :)

Anonymous said...

way to go Seth! i'm so proud of you, buddy! i love that photo with the orange ;)


Nikki Workman said...

Great record of your little Player! ;)

Krystin said...

YAH!!! for Seth catching a touchdown..crazy awesome!!! I totally agree that it is such to have mean coaches and truly is just best to play fair and nice.

{patty} said...

I think Seth and Chase would get along so well! I have to say that I *know* the cutest footballer in Colorado!!

Anonymous said...

oh you are such a proud Mum! I love it! Love that orange mouth photo! ha ha