Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out with one & in with another!

These days we go from one sport to another without blinking - and for almost a month baseball & basketball overlapped since our baseball team opted for some preseason practices!

Seth loved basketball - it was a rec center non-competitive league, but he had a blast! Of course, I am sure it had to do with half of the team being his football pals! :) But for now, it's good-bye to basketball (until next winter! :) )

We are full fledged into baseball - this week starts 3 days a week practice! But Seth already loves it! He likes being "busy" (as he refers to the evening practices) & he loves being outside with his pals. Me, I love watching him & cheering him on & of course I love being back outside to take photos (the indoor basketball photos drove me nuts! :) ) So with that ... here are some photos from a few recent practices. The first ones are on a turf field on March 1st & the other ones are from last night on a dirt field LOL! TFL :)


Jolene said...

I especially love that last photo of Seth leaning on the fence. He looks so grown up!

Kristy said...

Awesome pictures C!!! I hear ya on the indoor pictures!!! Joshua only does TKD and that is all in doors and it drives me nuts!!!!

KSmith said...

that last picture if fantastic, can't wait to see it scrapped

Nikki Workman said...

Sounds busy and fun!