Sunday, April 06, 2008

BASEBALL has begun!!

Okay so the practices really started back in Feb - mid Feb ... but the first game is finally here!! Yesterday was sooo much fun ... I was antsy & excited all morning - the feelings from football season were coming back & I was ready to go! :)

I expected a few mistakes, if not a lot of mistakes because baseball is such a quick & somewhat individual sport because a play can be huge or small depending on one guy! But of course, the Warriors Black 7yr old AA boys are a FORCE, sure there are some things they will be working on but , these boys amaze me with their skills & the amount of info they pick up & retain on the sports ... so here is to another winning season - they did it for Football, they did it for Basketball ... now let's see what they are going to do with Baseball!!

game #1 32 - 24
Seth was up to bat 5 times - every time he knocked that ball right on out of there - ONE TIME BEING A HOME RUN!! WHOOO WHOOO!! Twice, he made it to second base, once to first & once he was out ta first ... he hit the ball right down the first base line. Awesome batting buddy!!

As catcher, Seth caught a pop up to give the other team an out - WTG!!! Now, in both scrimmages & the first game Seth has caught a pop up for an out - keep that up!!

Seth also plays right outfield ... this gave him a run for his money a few times cause the other team had some fabulous hitters!!

We have a game this afternoon, too, can't wait! :)

Here are some photos from the game on Saturday:


Kristy said...

Go Seth!!! I just love how into sports he is! I think Jackson is shaping up to be the same way!

Krystin said...

WOW!!! He is quite the athletic kid...awesome!!!
So jealous that he is hitting home runs...I always wished I could do that :)
Way to go, Seth, on such a good dame and keep it up for the season!!!