Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hello lonely blog !

Wow - time has flown since I posted here ...let's see football camps, lost teeth, back to school, cooler weather etc etc!

Seth is doing great in second grade & he is loving his second year of football - which consumes most of our time, even more now that Rick is an asst. coach this year, but it's all good!

Seth's team is 2-0 ... they are working so hard this year! Here are some pics from their second game & our second banner (okay maybe third since the first orig. one we had to pitch) but this one was Rick's idea & all of the bones were hand sketched by him ... wonder what we will come up with for this weekend's game! ack!

School is great - Seth adores his teacher & he is doing great ... tomorrow is my first time helping in his class, love that I am able to do that! Friday is field day - rescheduled from last week's rainy stormy cold Friday! Very excited for the pics - and to make my 3rd Field day mini! :)

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