Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project 365 Catch Up!

Catching up on my Project 365 - still going strong! :) Just about time for another photo order too! :)

May 3rd
Seth's whole team rec'd the GAME BALL for such an outstanding game!

May 4th
Seth had to bake something to take to school since he was learning about measuring - we made Snicker-doodles!

May 5th
Our Baseball t-shirts came in today!

May 6th
Seth's pet rocks from school - they were learning about rocks & minerals so they each had to have a pet rock! 

May 7th
Rick & Seth bought me this chair for Mother's day - super comfy!

May 8th
Our first batch of Snicker-doodles didn't turn out right - come to find out it was 'cause the butter was not at room temperature ... so today I left the butter out all day! :)  This batch turned out perfect & Seth's class LOVED them! 

May 9th
Seth's tattoos - one on each arm! 

May 10th
Happy Mother's Day to me :)

May 11th
We bought Seth a trampoline! He loves it!

May 12th
Seth loves i-Carley ... they eat spaghetti tacos ... Seth *had* to try them & he loved them!

May 13th
Seth with his pals, our neighbors - eating popsicles!

May 14th
Celebrating the Denver Nugget's Win last night!

May 15th
Some friends came over to play Guitar Hero - we had a BLAST!!!  

May 16th
Seth's pal, Michael's birthday party BBQ!

May 17th
Seth making a great play at his game today!

thanks for stopping by! :)


Maryfrances said...

Great shots this week C. I love the color in the media room...when did you guys change that? Great shot of the sack race also. The kiddos look like they were having a blast for sure.

Mama Tuttle said...

Love looking at all your pictures!! Looks like you are really loved and appreciated . . . that is a great chair!! I love the idea of having kiddos measure things and then bring them to school. We can't do that because of a school wide rule. That would be fun for the kids though!!

Nicole said...

Great photos, C! Love your new chair! YAY!