Thursday, November 05, 2009

Play-off mohawk!

It started during 6-yr old tackle football ... what better way to motivate a bunch of 6 yr old boys than to bribe them with 'if you make the play-offs you can shave the coach's hair into a mohawk' ... that year each of the boys took a swipe at the coaches hair to make it a mohawk and about half the team also had mohawks and they became SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!

Here is a few pics from 6 yr old football play-offs:

Our head coach from 6-yr old football moved back to Ft. Worth after that season ...We kept the team together and the tradition lived on in some of the boys during 7-yr old football. Seth was afraid to get his hair cut while he was 7 ... I think the mohawk & then having his head shaved to the skin traumatized him LOL!!

They went on to win the SUPER BOWL at 7 yrs old ... they were told not to expect it as back to back champs only happened one other time in our league's 40 yr history but they did it!

Here is a great photo of mine from last year:

NOW at 8 yrs old ... the mohawk is back as the boys make their run to be back-to-back-to-back SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! aka THREE-PETE!

Here is Seth tonight (The lady tried to do a #55 and a W in his hair but I think she did #95 ... Rick is going to try to fix it tonight):

Oh the things we do for football! :) GO WARRIOR BLACK!!


Jolene said...

Whohoo, Seth. You ROCK that mohawk! Go Warriors!!

Maryfrances said...

He looks awesome! Go Seth!!!

CoreyW said...

mohawk, skull shirt - all he needs is an earring! LOL

great pics - and good luck!!!