Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been a while ....

... these days life seems to pass pretty fast! October came & went with the blink of an eye!

Now we are knee-deep in Superbowl fun! Seth's team is going for the 4th year in a row so we have a lot of traditions that we keep up with, which also keeps me very busy as the team mom.

The past few years I have made a DVD for the team with photos from the season, but this year we decided to mix it up a bit & I made one of these for each boy on the team:

And here is my practice one since baseball photos are easier:

Love how they turned out. The templates are from

Last night treated myself to the latest QK alpha release, isn't that font just yummy!?

Thanks for stoppin' by & hopefully I will post more often! :)



Maryfrances said...

Yes, that font is tell where did you treat yourself?

Maryfrances said...

Oh, forgot to comment on your collages. They are fantastic. I am sure each kid is going to go nuts over them.

Anonymous said...

C, I love those easy digital templates you have used to create I guess its like a poster?
I must look into that for Nash!

I agree, the font is all christmas! Love it! Hope you get lots of use from it.