Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birds of a Feather March Kit

I have two more layouts to share today featuring Birds of a Feather's March Kit !

The first layout I have to share today is a photo from a few years ago on a family road trip from CO to SD.  We were no more than a few miles across the WY border when I was pulled over for speeding!  Instead of letting the ticket and the hefty fine ruin our vacation - I leaned back and snapped a photo of the police car.  Even as I was working on this layout both DH & DS laughed at the memory of how our road trip started ... making me even happier that I took the photo!  Photo: June 2009

Don't speed in Wyoming:

The second layout I am sharing with you today is a photo of my son on our trip to Houston - it was his second time flying so he was super excited! Photo: May 2007

Houston Bound:

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