Tuesday, January 02, 2018

just a little bit crafty

To try to get back into scrapping I signed up to make birthday cards for the staff at my son's school for the month of November. It's pretty cool that they make handmade cards for each person on the staff at the high school.  There weren't that many during my month and I started out enjoying it but then became frustrated that it took me all day to make some cards - I used to whip out cards and layouts like it was nobody's business for design teams and challenges.  I realized that I was frustrated because I was in a new craft room that was hastily packed and unpacked and I didn't know where things were and things that belonged together were not together.  In addition, I felt bad because I don't send a lot of birthday cards to my family and friends yet here I was making them for strangers.  I did not commit to do another month this spring, however, I committed to sending cards to my family and close friends in 2018.

Here are the cards I made for the teachers with November birthdays, I tried to keep them simple and use up some old scraps:

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Lori said...

These are all beautiful! What a fun thing for your school to do. I need to get better about actually sending out the cards that I make to friends and family.