Saturday, August 25, 2007


WHOOO WHOOO!! Today was our second scrimmage AND WE WON BOTH!!

On Thursday night, we played the Warriors 7 yr old team (we are a 6 yr old team) and WE WON!! Scoring three touchdowns to NONE!!! One of ours was a fumble recovery / touchdown!

Today, we played the other Warriors 6 yr old team (there were a lot of kids that signed up so they made two teams Red / Black) ... WE KICKED BUTT!!! Although, they came right out on the first play & scored :( that would be the last play that they would gain ANY yards on (our defense had to wake up a little bit I guess! :) .. We scored almost every time we had the ball on offense as well as at least one defensive touchdown!! ( seriously I lost count because we dont keep official scores in scrimmages).

Today was super exciting for everyone & we cannot wait until next Saturday when the season starts!

These kids are also learning a ton about teamwork, respect for both their teammates and other teams and fair playing - I think every kid on our football team is going to walk away with some amazing sportsmanlike conducts that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives!

GO WARRIORS {Black}!!!

And here are some photos from today:

And just because I love this shot:

The Prize (we took Seth out for ice cream after the game) :


Nicole said...

YAY Seth and yay Warriors!! Also love that shot of him on the grass! I just know that'll be scrapped! ;)

LeslieinTN said...

Go Warriors, GO SETH!! Yay! It's always a plus to be on a winning team! LOL I'm glad they beat the 7 yr olds - that's awesome. I sense one proud momma. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh that is priceless! I do love that pic too!