Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's no secret that Seth has ALWAYS loved tattoos ... always ... I think back even when he was one he loved tattoos ... He also LOVES to watch Miami Ink & now LA Ink ... scary I know ... so last night we are watching LA Ink ...

Seth: Mom, do you know where a tattoo place is around here.
Me: Sure, they are downtown.
Seth: downtown Denver?
Me: Yep.
Seth: Can you take me there, just so I can see whats going on?
Me: Well I think you have to be 18 to go there.
Seth: Hmmm ... 18 & then I can get one ... I mean check out what's going on there?
Me: Yes.
Seth: Well can we drive by it so I know where it is at when I turn 18?
Holding back the laughter.
Me: Sure, buddy, when we drive by one I will let you know.

ACK ~ what am I in for?? LOL!!

Here are some recent photos sharing Seth's love for tattoos :)


Nicole said...

Oh, that is hilarious!! Hope you're still scrapping when he's 18...I wanna see that days events on a lo! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so not letting Nash see this blog! ha ha
hmmmm I think he looks pretty serious about tattoos doesn't he! LOL

KSmith said...

Nothing wrong with tattoos I have too. OK the first one came when I turned 40. Tell that to seth. Its two small hearts on my ankle. the other is on my back shoulder two roses (representing my dad and grandfather) I'm done...but if I were to get another one I'd add to the hearts with a band around the ankle (so am I done or not mmmmmmm)

Jolene said...

Ian saw this posting and started asking me all kinds of questions. I might be in trouble, too!!

Maryfrances said...

Look at the Pats shirts. WTG Seth!! No tattoos here. Guest we will see C.

Anonymous said...

that is such a great record to have of a seriously funny conversation! -sharon