Sunday, March 01, 2009

Project 365 Feb 22nd - Feb 28th

Wow!  Where did February go??  Here is another week in photos! :)

Feb. 22, 2009
Today has two photos :)  Seth loves gum - he will go thru a pack of gum in the blink of an eye (I actually have to hide gum so I can have some when I want a piece!)

Feb. 23, 2009
Tonight I was cutting up potatoes and carrots to put with a roast in the crock pot tomorrow.  Seth wanted to help with the peeling & cutting of the carrots - talk about a panicked mom!  Then in the end (as he normally does when he helps in the kitchen) he needed to sample the food! 

Feb. 24, 2009
For his birthday Seth rec'd a pair of Grave Digger Monster Truck swim trunks - guess what he wore to school today as shorts - yup, the Grave Digger Monster Truck swim trunks!

Feb. 25, 2009
I keep talking about our mild winter - here is some proof - all the way home my car temp read 71 degrees ... but when I got home & took the pic it was reading 68 - still C R A Z Y for February!!

Feb. 26, 2009
Coyote Creek Elementary School - Seth's school.  Today I was there for Seth's parent teacher conference.  I am usually there every other Thursday helping out in Seth's classroom - which I LOVE doing!

Feb. 27, 2009
Signs of Spring!  What??  Here is more proof of our mild winter - my lilies think it's time to start sprouting!!  I usually cannot find anything sprouting until April!! Oh & while I was waiting for my pics to upload to blogger, I read that this was the least snowiest February on record for us with less than 0.01 of an inch during the month of February. February which is generally the driest month of the year for Denver and March is usually the snowiest month in Denver with close to a foot of snow on average ... I think we are going to need that foot of snow this month - though we are looking at more record temps in the 70's this week!!

Feb. 28, 2009
Wow - good-bye February!!  Tonight Seth's best pal, Michael, spent the night & they made their own Monster Jam courses - they planned, plotted & played with this all night!! 

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week!


Nicole said...

Aww, love the ones of Seth helping in the kitchen! Can't wait to see those scrapped! :)

Maryfrances said...

OMGosh look at those trucks...Grant and Grady would be loving that for sure. It was fun checking out your week C.