Saturday, June 06, 2009

Project 365: May 24th - June 5th

Here is another Project 365 catch up post and we are officially past the half-way point of the year and this project!  Things seem to be crazy busy with baseball, school year ending, planning a trip to Mt. Rushmore, not to mention just work and life in general! :)

May 24th
After my family was here for a BBQ the wind, rain & hail kicked in ... we sat on the front porch & watched it until we started getting wet, then we sat in the entry way ... Oswald is such a good dog - he just sat at the open door & watched the hail and rain! :)

May 25th
Happy Memorial Day!  I am forever thankful to each and every person who has served in the US Military.

May 26th
Tonight Seth's baseball league was invited to walk Coors Field as the Rockies warmed up for their game.  Such a neat experience for the kids.  This year, since Rick is an asst. coach, he was invited too (each team is only supposed to have two coaches with the team on the field).

May 27th
Each child in Seth's class was assigned a famous American - they had to do research & put together a chronological timeline of the person's life.  All of this research was done at school, we just had to make (or in our case buy) a costume.  Seth's famous person was Neil Armstrong. The presentations were AMAZING!!  I was  blown away by each & everyone of them!

May 28th
Remember all of that cookie dough we bought for Seth's fundraiser - well we gotta eat it, right? ;)

May 29th
The boys were putting on their war paint in the dug out at their game Friday night. :)

May 30th
Seth making a great play at third base - this was the weekend of baseball! Three games in three days! :)

May 31st
At Seth's game on Sunday we watched the storm clouds roll in ... I love seeing the snowcapped mountains in the distance!

June 1st
Los Arcos - a super yummy Mexican restaurant we eat at regularly! 

June 2nd
Last night at Seth's baseball practice the head coach decided to shake things up & they did a baseball skills competition, with baseball cards as the prizes for the most points.  Seth won in a few categories including being in the top two with the most points, so he rec'd a special baseball card too!  He has now been going to to play the games there - it's a great site!
After posting this photo, I was checking my blog & how weird that it looks like Seth has caps or something on his back teeth - he doesn't have any cavities - weird lighting?? how odd!

June 3rd
Seth's best school pals - Rudy & Peyton - they played after school almost every evening this week!

June 4th
Baby Lilies!  The night I hurt my foot I had planted some lily bulbs to fill out my lily garden & they are coming up!  There are already about 8 of these little guys!!  

June 5th
Good-bye second grade! Wow this school year went fast & I am sure the summer will go even faster! It was a great year for Seth and I cannot believe he is a THIRD GRADER!

As always, thanks for stopping by! :)


Gregg said...

The sign at Seth's school is so cool...that is a great photo to scrap for sure.

Also, love that play at 3rd base!

I really enjoy seeing your photos C...great job.

Gregg said...

That was me C...logged in at Gregg...LOL

Nicole said...

Aww, Oswald is so sweet!! Great photos!

Adora Concepcion said...

lots of fun photos!!!