Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project 365: June 17th - June 28th

June 17 2009
Seth's collection of smashed pennies from various locations - okay every place he has been that has a penny smasher. The pile on the table are new ones from South Dakota. I need to find a bigger booklet or just another one.

June 18 2009
Seth in our front yard - BIG thanks to Mother Nature & her rain every day in June, normally by this time we are struggling to keep the grass brown! ;)

June 19 2009
Seth & his passport for his Top Secret Adventures. He loves these mysteries that my mom sends to him regularly.

June 20 2009
The weekend of baseball - five games in two days. Three games on Saturday & two on Sunday! Seth had the games of his life - he is really growing into his natural athletic abilities & is a big asset to his team. Seth rec'd a game ball on Saturday & on Sunday - WTG!!

June 21 2009
Happy Father's Day!

June 22 2009
Lol - I love this guy! Seth bought him out of the gum-ball machine at the grocery store & he gave it to Rick for Father's Day! (I want one too!)

June 23 2009
Wow - we are having some CRAZY weather here! We have only gotten to 90 degrees once this month & we have had severe weather (rain, hail, tornados) nearly every day! The grass is green, the flowers are blooming & the bugs have taken over! ;)

June 24, 2009
Seth is in a three-day Line-Man only camp. I think it will be very helpful with techniques for him!  Seth is the one in all black in mid-air.

June 25, 2009
Happy 38th anniversary to my mom & dad today! Even in the rain, Seth still had his Lineman camp ... I didn't go but here I am grilling burgers in the downpour - guess Mother Nature & I did not share the same dinner plans! ;) And I was too lazy to run upstairs to get my shoes so I threw on Seth's flip flops - they ALMOST fit me!!

June 26 2009
My gorgeous boy (and his new mouth-piece lol!) all ready for football!

June 27 2009
Seth & I hit the pool today before the storms moved in - man it was HOT out!

June 28 2009
Seth with my jello test run!  I made this recipe in preperation of his baseball party - I was trying for red / black / white ... I was told purple & orange would make black but not really.  It sure is YUMMY though with the white layer in there!


Maryfrances said...

Cool Jello mold...I think it came out great. That storm photos is wild...stay indoors for those ones girl for sure!

Nicole said...

SO FUNNY! I'm making those Recipe Girl Red, White & Blue Jello things this week! I'll be posting it on my blog also! LOL!

debbie said...

love the photo corners on your pictures, looks great. :)