Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Project 365: June 29 - July 13

Whoa - I thought I had posted some of these already ... so I added to it to bring me up to date! :)

June 29 2009 My mug from Bear Country USA!

June 30 2009
A horrible photo from my Pentax camera without a flash - lol - Seth ran off before I could shoot another one! We went to see Transformers 2 - great special effects, but a bit long for me. ;)

July 1 2009
Seth's day camp went to Beadniks today - he made this necklace.

July 2 2009
Today at Seth's day camp they made fourth of July crafts - I love this little pin wheel.

July 3 2009
We went & had lunch with Rick's Grandma Sarah today.

July 4 2009
Seth watching the fire works in Highlands Ranch.

July 5 2009
Happy Birthday Rick!! Isn't the monkey cake great?!

July 6 2009 Seth & his pals painted their faces at day camp today - along with playing in a bounce house with slide and eating snow cones ... I think Seth said he had 4 snow cones today LOL!!

July 7 2009
Our friends told us we had to try a new burger place called Five Guys Burgers & Fries ... it was pretty good!

July 8 2009
Seth with our neighbors - Charlie & Cassidy playing with water guns in the back of Rick's truck!

July 9 2009
Seth with his pals - Peyton (from school) & Alex and Jason who live around the corner who Seth actually met in pre-school before we knew they lived a block away!

July 10 2009
Rick & Seth went to the drag races - Seth took my small water proof camera. I love seeing the photos he takes, he is def. my kid!

July 11 2009
Seth's baseball season end party. We had at the local park with water fountains. Seth rec'd a trophy and a metal - his metal was for 'most runs scored' for the season ... pretty cool!

July 12 2009
We met some friends at Dairy Queen in the middle of a lazy Sunday to enjoy some ice cream - the kids loved the treats!

July 13 2009
Today a neighboring company that shares a building with us thought they hit a gas line because the building filled up with the 'rotten egg smell' ... it was a bit scary at first worrying about getting out of the building without touching anything or making anything that could cause a spark. The firemen said there was not a gas leak but it gave us about 45 minutes of soaking up the sunshine! :)

Thanks for stopping by & I hope your Project 365 is still going strong! :)


Maryfrances said...

Hey, Rick and his Grandmother look so much alike.

BTW...we just got the Five Guys over here in NE. Gregg has gone and said it was pretty good. I have got to try it.

Great photos C...loved looking at what has been going one with you and the family.

Jolene said...

We {heart} Five Guys!! Glad you guys are ok with the work scare. Miss you!