Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Project 365: July 23rd - July 29th

Before I post my Project 365 photos, today was my day on the Midnight Oil Design Team blog - so if  you  have a chance, hop on over & say HI! :)

July 23 2009
A few months ago when I hurt my foot while doing yard work, I was planting these beauties - look at them bloom!    They are already super tall thanks to all of the rain we have had this summer!

July 24 2009
I read how to make your own glue dots - so here was my test run! They do work & they are super sticky! I use a TON of glue dots for my embellishments!

July 25 2009
Here is the first official team huddle of the 2009 football season at our Kick-Off party!  

July 26 2009
Rick mowing the lawn on our lazy Sunday! :)

July 27 2009
The first day of Gassed Up Football Camp.  All seven of these boys are on our team - five of them are returning for their third season together, one his second second with us & the other one it's his first season with us!

July 28 2009
This is the face of a boy who said "yes I put sunscreen on" then sat out at the Sky Sox Game all day ... I don't think he will do that again! :)

July 29 2009
Since it was 50 degrees and pouring I opted not to go to football camp, so while we were getting Seth's football bag out of my truck Oswald decided to jump on in ... later Ninja joined him and then I had to drag both of them out! lol!

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Maryfrances said...

OK, that photo of Oswald is too funny. Take the boy for a ride will ya!

Kimmarie said...

What a pretty flower! Cool Glue Dots, tfs. Seth is getting so big and my Victoria had the same red face yesterday and I did put lotion on her but the sun was just too strong. lol I love your slide show to the right as well.

Debbie said...

Beautiful flower Carolyn! Great tip about the gluedots. :)