Sunday, August 02, 2009

Project 365: July 30th -- August 9th

July 30 2009
Tonight we went out with some of the football team to the pizza place that let us hang our Superbowl banner. Fun times! The boys were glad to be done with the camp & kick off pre-season training! (crappy pic from Rick's iphone 'cause I forgot my camera lol).

July 31 2009
Seth's school supplies for the THIRD GRADE!

August 1 2009
Today while Seth was out playing catch in the street they found a bull snake under a car. The neighborhood kids were fascinated with the snake all afternoon. Our friend found a bull snake in their garage a week or two ago, had animal control come out to remove it; animal control removed it but set it free in the neighborhood saying it was great to have around to control the mice population. This bull snake was smaller than the one my friends found in their garage.

August 2 2009
This place has the BEST Italian Beef sandwiches! YUM! We went here for lunch - it's not near the house, so it's an afternoon project to go there on the weekend, but worth it! :)

August 3 2009
Seth was cracking me up with his little costume!

August 4 2009
Pre-season practices have started! Four times a week for the month of August, ending with a fund-raising tournament on Aug 28-29th.

August 5 2009
Seth's first day back to school - looking forward to a great year! His second grade teacher moved up to the third grade & brought most of the orig. class with her.

August 6 2009
Football waters ... We fill these up & bring them to each football practice and game while it's so hot out. The big red one is just for Seth & Rick ... the other 6 are for the boys to share, pour on their heads, drink when they run out of or don't bring their own water etc.

August 7 2009
I got my hair cut / highlighted tonight. My last highlight was July 2008 and my last hair cut was Nov 2008 - I have been growing it out! :)

August 8 2009
Seth & his buddy Scott had a water gun fight on the trampoline - great to be a kid in the summer!

August 9 2009
Seth has been having some sleep issues the past few weeks & it is wearing thin on us to function with such little sleep. This will pass ... hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you are still going strong on your Project 365! :)


Maryfrances said...

OK, send one of those beef sandwiches over my way for sure. Sorry about the sleep issues Seth is having...hope it will pass soon.

Hey, are you every going to do one page with all the first day photos. I love that you have him stand by the sign each year. That is really cool.

Marjorie said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck on the snake thing. Ewwwwww....
So where's the photo of the haircut?
So great that you're keeping up with this project.