Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Project 365: Aug 10th - Aug 30th

It's catch-up time on my posting of my project 365 photos - I was waiting for a photo from Rick's iphone & he thought he had sent them ... I was trying not to pester ... but I finally have the photos so here is a super photo heavy post! :)

August 10 2009
Seth's homework & planner. He loves putting all of his info in his planner!

August 11 2009
Oswald eating.

August 12 2009
Seth jammin' on his ipod!

August 13 2009
A bribe for Seth to sleep thru the night ...

August 14 2009
More lilies - this time pink - haven't had pink ones yet! YAY!

August 15 2009
We went with our friends to Benihana's for dinner - the kids had a blast! (this was one of the photos I was waiting for from Rick's i-phone lol!)

August 16 2009
Seth packed his lunch for school.

August 17 2009
Rain ... rain ... rain ... this is probably the wettest & coolest summer on record!

August 18 2009
A wonderful hail storm swept through this afternoon - the trees took a beating and left lots of leaves on Seth's trampoline!

August 19 2009
Seth doing his homework - I used to rest my head on my arm like that as a kid & I remember getting yelled at by my parents & teachers ... now I couldn't imagine doing that. Was interesting to see Seth with a habit that I had as a child.

August 20 2009

August 21 2009
I love finding little things that Seth leaves behind - a water bottle filled with marbles!

August 22 2009
Seth's school carnival - that is the principal in the dunk tank ... Seth throws his first ball and ....
dunked him! lol!! Good to know all of the money we are dumping into baseball isn't wasted! ;)

August 23 2009
A not so limber Seth! :)

August 24 2009
On my way home from work ...

August 25 2009
Rick & Seth got hair cuts today - love Seth's hair this short!

August 26 2009
Today we took Seth to his pediatrician for a check up to see what could be causing his sleeping issues ... good to find out that as parents we are on the right track - but bad that it's not working after nearly a month.

August 27 2009
Went to the Natural Food Store today to find Seth some homeopathic sleep remedies ...

August 28 2009
Heading West & turning South into our neighborhood.

August 29 2009
Seth's team played three games this weekend in the Falkner Festival. Seth caught a great pass in the second game on Saturday. Seth is Right Tackle on two offenses and Tight End on one. He also plays Right Tackle on two of the three defenses; he loves that he is on the field nearly the whole game!

August 30 2009
Seth was double teamed most of this game - he also had a quarter back sack ... told him he must feel good that the other team thought he was good enough to need double coverage most of the game! :)

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Maryfrances said...

Oh, too bad about the sleeping issues with Seth C. Hope you guys can get them figured out real soon. Mine have been up each night for the last three nights also. I think it might be the new school and nerves...but they have never been like this before.

Good for Seth in Football....he looks like he is holding his own out there for sure.

Thanks for the update...I love taking a peak into your life.

Nicole said...

Oh wow, I used to do the same thing with my head down on my book!