Friday, September 11, 2009

Project 365: Aug 31st - Sept 12th

August 31 2009
At the end of the Falkner Festival they were trying to unload SoBe Lifewaters ... we ended up with 38 and they still had a truck bed full to get rid of!

September 1 2009
Here is a Praying Mantis that Seth & his pal found in my roses! Cool! (we won't mention that they were throwing the football & the football went into my roses ... we will just focus on the cool Praying Mantis! ;) )

September 2 2009
Today I painted the first official game banner! GO WARRIORS!

September 3 2009
We have had a lot of smoke and haze from the CA fires ... has made for some very cool sun rises!

September 4 2009
Seth's football pep-rally!

September 5 2009
Game #1: Hawk Blue vs. Warrior Black - Seth is in the white jersey on the left next to #77!

September 6 2009
Today I bought Seth The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes; Seth & his pal Rudy made paper airplanes all afternoon! All of the planes flew great - a lot of loopy flights!

September 7 2009
Tonight Seth & I played Raging Reptiles - he has loved this game for several years now!

September 8 2009
Fantasy Football prep time!

September 9 2009
Seth's school had a fundraiser at Corner Bakery with a % of the dinner sales going back the school, so we enjoyed a yummy dinner here!

September 10 2009
Tonight was our football team photos, they do individual photos and 'buddy photos' for coaches and their sons or brothers etc ... Seth insisted on a photo with Rick - love it!

September 11 2009
Today was Seth's field day! Here he is jumping over the 'Coyote Creek' and yep - he made it! WTG!

September 12 2009
Warrior Black vs. Warrior Red


Maryfrances said...

I just love that last photo C. That game sounds like fun. I think Grady would really enjoy it. TFS!!

debbieschroeder said...

How do you like the Soibe water? Loving the football photos!