Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project 365: Oct 11th - Oct 18th

Another Project 365 update!

I found my missing two photos from my last update - they were on my other camera! YAY!

Sept 15 2009
How cool is this - I had to run to the AT&T store and when I was leaving this dragonfly landed on my antenna ... he stayed on there for quite a while.

Sept 16 2009
Seth & I had to run to the store & I loved how the sky looked as we were driving home.

Oct 11 2009
Seth went to the Bronco game with his pal Scott - Seth was super excited to go to the Broncos vs. Patriots because the Broncos wore their 1960's yellow & brown Throwback Uniforms!

Oct 12 2009
Every once in a blue moon a train will cross my commute home - I cannot stand it! Look at the traffic problems it causes - this photo was taken from my rear view mirror! (I actually hit it TWICE in this week - ugh! )

Oct 13 2009
Seth & his pal Michael rec'd co-offensive MVP metals for Saturday's game! WTG!

Oct 14 2009
The long awaited SuperTarget opened near us! We celebrated by dropping $40 on a Monster Truck Lego set for Seth! lol!

Oct 15 2009
Our family in books right now - Seth is reading Matt Christopher's Football Double Threat, Rick just finished I hope They Serve Beer in Hell and I am reading The Eleventh Victim by Nancy Grace.

Oct 16 2009
Our annual trip to the local corn maze with the football team! This year we had the whole team show up- that's great!

Oct 17 2009
Seth's football game on Saturday - we won 39 -0! Great job!

Oct 18 2009
Seth & his pals on the trampoline filled with leaves - when they were done the leaves were completely destroyed!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Maryfrances said...

The Pats had old uniforms on last night and it was really cool. Love how the sky look in that one photo...pretty freaky for sure.

Looks like a fun week for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the great pics, I hate traffic too C!
Love the one of Seth and his Lego!