Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Project 365: Oct 19th - Oct 28th

Oct 19 2009
Seth & Oswald

Oct 20 2009
Seth's overnight bag to spend at his pals house - this is HUGE since Seth went through a period of sleeping issues - but he is GREAT now!

Oct 21 2009
SNOW! We have already had a few of these dustings ... worries me that we are going to have a long cold, wet winter!

Oct 22 2009
Seth wasn't feeling well this afternoon, so I picked him up from Day Camp & he relaxed on the sofa.

Oct 23 2009
I kept Seth home today from Day Camp to make sure he would be better for his game on Saturday & to return to school on Monday from his two-week fall break, so I had no excuses for not exercising! :)

Oct 24 2009
Seth is the black ball on the ground - he caught an onside kick ... his second this season! YAY!

Oct 25 2009
Seth eating carmel & apples!

Oct 26 2009
Back to school means back to homework! Two weeks off will really spoil a boy! :)

Oct 27 2009
Seth rec'd an MVP metal for Satuday's game!

Oct 28 2009
SNOW! Major winter storm ... in Oct !! As of about 5pm tonight we had 12" and it was still coming down. Seth's school was closed today so we stayed home - watched movies & played games! Love days like today! :)

As always, thanks for stopping by! :)

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Maryfrances said...

Oh my...G G and G would love to have a day like that. Love the photo of Oswald and Seth.