Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project 365: Sept 13th - Oct 10th

yikes - a very photo heavy Project 365 catch up post! :)

Sept 13 2009
Seth & his pals playing Guitar Hero

Sept 14 2009
Seth & his pals at Speed Stacks.

Sept 15 2009
How cool is this - I had to run to the AT&T store and when I was leaving this dragonfly landed on my antenna ... he stayed on there for quite a while.

Sept 16 2009
Seth & I had to run to the store & I loved how the sky looked as we were driving home.

Sept 17 2009
Oswald sleeping.

Sept 18 2009
I cleaned the pantry, it looks so bare! LOL!

Sept 19 2009
Seth playing football!

Sept 20 2009
Rick's laptop with our fantasy football teams webpage.

Sept 21 2009
Seth eating pizza.

Sept 22 2009
Seth received a MVP Metal for Saturday's game.

Sept 23 2009
It's all about the stickers! They get stickers at the Tuesday practice for big plays during Saturday's game.

Sept 24 2009

Sept 25 2009
We went to Wildlife Experience, here is Seth at one of the exhibits.

Sept 26 2009
Seth playing football.

Sept 27 2009
Seth's legos. Today we sorted by color & they are each in their own storage drawers.

Sept 28 2009
I had to pick up Seth this morning at school - he had a 102 fever.

Sept 29 2009
Seth took this photo of a spider on the neighbor's fence.

Sept 30 2009
Seth said his pizza had a mouth - lol!

Oct 1 2009
Greg Jones, a former NFL player came out to speak to Seth's football team at practice today. He also gave each of the boys a signed football card! Pretty Cool!

Oct 2 2009
The leaves have started to change colors around here!

Oct 3 2009
Seth's football game!

Oct 4 2009
Rick & Seth headed to their annual Bronco's game! This year it's Broncos vs. Cowboys!

Oct 5 2009
Crazy sock day at school today! Love that Seth really wanted crazy socks!

Oct 6 2009
Seth received a MVP Metal for Saturday's game.

Oct 7 2009
Today was breakfast with someone Grand - so my mom went to Seth's school for breakfast & the book fair. Seth can't put this book down!

Oct 8 2009
Today I went to parent / teacher conference at Seth's school & when we came out, it was snowing!

Oct 9 2009
Today Seth is on Fall Break - his field trip with day camp was to Miller Farms. Seth picked all of these out of the ground or off their vines! He loved it!

Oct 10 2009
Seth's football game - 19 degrees & snowy ... man it was cold!


Maryfrances said...

Love the mouth pizza for sure. And the snow...come on go away will ya!

The boys love crazy sox and hat day at school.

Lots of football in your life girl. Looks like fun all around.

Mara... said...

I am loving all the photos. That is awesome that you are keeping up with your photo a day. I can never seem to keep up!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the snow, Oswald, a book that might be good for Nash, and your pantry! Now I know what something of your house looks like!
This might sound strange, but I used to imagine your computer desk / kitchen at the back of the house and leading out on to a beautiful garden. I have no idea why I had such a visual, must have just come from all the daily posts at SBO. LOL
Thanks again for sharing so many cool pics.