Friday, October 17, 2008

cool. very very cool.

On Tuesday, Jay Cutler, the Denver Broncos Quarterback, showed up at the field where Seth's football team practices.  There are four Warrior teams that practice on the field (various ages) and Jay Cutler came to chat with one of the teams & to throw some passes - man it was so cool to see him throw a very long perfect spiral not more than 10 feet away from us.  The coach of the other team invited our team over to say hi & get some autographs - can you imagine the excitement of our 7 year old team!?  

Seth had his helmet autographed & now plays with BRONCO power on his side. *wink*  It was incredibly hard to get a good photo of Seth & his autographed helmet (and I wanted to get one before his helmet would get scratched up in the next game as it always does); this tree played the perfect backdrop with it's orange & red leaves.  (the photos of Jay Cutler are from my friend's phone camera since I was a bit special with Rick's i-phone's camera function).

Hoping to scrap tonight, if I can tear myself away from BOOK #4 of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn ... dunno if I can pull myself away before I finish it 'cause when I am done with it then I will have scrapping time - right now the addiction of this series is CRAZY!!

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nicole said...

How fun for Seth!