Friday, October 10, 2008

I am hooked!

Last week an old friend told me about a book series that was a must read. So I reserved them at the library ... I was #317 - are you kidding me? I would have lost interest long before I got the book.

Off to Wal-mart at lunchtime ... I bought #1 & #2 in the series ... loaned them to my co-worker, because she would finish them faster than me & then we could chat about it. ;) Said co-worker & I went to Target yesterday at lunch so she could buy all 4 books for her collection - she is now well into book #3 ... in a week.

So I had to get my butt reading ... last night I started book #1 and read half of it - yes about 250 pages I read in a very short time - didn't / couldn't put the book down!

Check them out - they are an easy & great read!

Since Rick & I are obsessed with True Blood on HBO, I ordered The Southern Vampire Mysteries for Rick (ok ok I will read them too ;)). I will be swinging by Tattered Cover this weekend to pick up the first three books in the series.

Tonight we are off to with Seth's football team - we did it last year & it was a blast ... I am just hoping it isn't too chilly tonight because it's cold / damp today & tomorrow .... the 4-letter S word has even made it's way into the forecast for the weekend ... usually our first snow isn't until Halloween - ACK - especially since we have an early football game tomorrow ... the clash of the two undefeated teams GO WARRIORS!!

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Marjorie said...

LOL C...I've read all 4. She has another book out The Host. I hear it's totally different but a good read. I haven't got it yet...