Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday cold Monday!

Brrrrrrrr a chilly chilly weekend here - it was shockingly cold at Seth's football game on Saturday morning ... really let's keep fall for a while & hold off on winter, just for a little bit.

The Warriors are now 5-1 ... they lost the battle of the undefeated teams but they played so hard esp. in the 30 degree temps with light misty rain! They will meet this team again & I am sure it will be another battle!

We need to get Seth some warmer football gloves, his receiver gloves are pretty much a rubber material & I think they made his hands even colder!

Pics from Saturday - can't ya feel the damp coldness!

Since the weekend was cold & rainy whatelse is a gal to do but spend the weekend in reading the Twlight series :) I finished book #2 late Saturday night so Sunday I rushed out to buy #3 & #4 and I am quickly working my way through #3 ... also impressed that I have read about 1300 pages in just a few days - usually it's hard for me to find the time to read.

Rick has started his books - the Southern Vampier Mysteries - quite honestly I cannot wait to dip into them, of course to give me some more insite on the HBO True Blood Series - which was FABULOUS last night too, always find myself wanting more at the end of the show!

Tonight, I will be rooting against Eli Manning with the hopes of my Fantasy Football team keeping the lead! It will be ugly though - beacuase Rick needs Plexico Burris to do GREAT ... hmmm ... maybe I will be watching alone ;)

Stay warm & have a great Monday!

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