Sunday, October 19, 2008

very first shut-out

Well, I think a loss always makes a team play harder - and that is exactly what Seth's team did on Saturday ... they didn't let the other team score at all (we were missing a few of our regular kids that played on defense so our bench was pretty thin and Seth played first string defense as well as first & second string offense - he was on the field A LOT!).  A fascinating game bringing their record to 6-1 ... on the track to have the same standings as last year (7-1 then of course on to win the super-bowl - however we had been forewarned that only one team has won back to back super-bowls since our league started about 15 years ago & it was an older age team - ie not 6 or 7 yrs olds lol).

Here are some pics of the game:

I am done with all four of the Twilight Saga books - ahhhh have to say I absolutely LOVE them. Need to rest my eyes a bit before moving on to my next series - roughly 2600 pages in less than two weeks and new contacts in the middle of my read-a-thon has taken it's toll on my eyes lol! Tonight I will ponder over the latest episode of True Blood - very excited!!

Though a plus on the new contacts - my eyes have the same prescription as they did 4 years ago - YAY!

Also, scrapped a few layouts today - will be posting one tomorrow at for our weekly challenge, come & check it out! :)

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