Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project 365 Jan 1st - Jan 10th

I was one of the lucky ones who was able to get a CK Project 365 kit - so worth the money and hassle, it's so cute, coordinated & all ready to go! It has been sitting here since Weds & I cannot wait to get started on it.

I am starting on Jan 1st (not Dec 29th like some people were starting on Dec 29th cause it was Monday).

Jan 1st - One of our holiday traditions is to buy yummy pears from Harry & David. Here is Seth digging into one!

Jan 2nd - During our long holiday, Seth enjoyed a lot of 'pj' days ... even when we had to run to the grocery store to get Rick's prescription, Seth wasn't about to get out of his pj's!

Jan 3rd - Rick & Ninja watching the NFL play-offs. I really love this photo of Rick!

Jan 4th - My brother Robert's 37th birthday; I talked to him on the phone for a bit, but we did not see him today. Today's photo is Seth playing his Nintendo DS.

Jan 5th - There is always laundry to do! Since our washer & dryer are upstairs with the bedrooms, I can monitor it and keep up on it regularly.

Jan 6th - Seth started back to school yesterday - homework was in full swing.

Jan 7th - Wrestling practice is Monday & Wednesdays - here is Seth & Griffin Payne practicing some new moves.

Jan 8th - Basketball practice started today. We also decided to take our Warriors Football banner to Li'l Ricci's for it's official hanging. The boys were super excited.

Jan 9th - Seth lost tooth #8 last night. It had been wiggly for a while & he finally pulled it out. The tooth fairy left him $1. And yes, we are totally anticipating him being an early orthodontics patient LOL!

Jan 10th - First basketball game today. We won 54 - 22, Seth made 10 baskets! Great game!


Maryfrances said...

Hey C!!! This is so awesome. Love that photo of Ninja and Rick. Ace was just doing the same puppy loving move on Gail while she was on the couch.

I love that you are posting your photos also. I am going to do mine tomorrow. Love this whole idea.

Nicole said...

These are fun C!

SAR girls said...

Great photos, Carolyn! :)