Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 Jan 11th - Jan 17th

Another week of Project 365!

Jan 11th
Seth's first sleep-over of the year at our house with his two best buddies - Michael & Scott

Jan 12th 
Leave it to the weathermen to predict 1-2" of snow & we really end up with about 6".  This is the view from Seth's school looking west.  I love when the clouds hang low over the mountains.

Jan 13th
Seth's pocket contents!  The same day I took this pic I saw the quote " not all treasure is silver & gold" ... perfect.

Jan 14th
Seth's new Denver Nuggets Basketball jersey.  Last Friday, Rick went to the Nuggets game & brought this home for Seth.

Jan 15th
This week Seth is the star student at school, so he gets to do all of the morning cool things.  I was glad it was a week when I was helping out so I could sneak in a pic!

Jan 16th
Ahhh me at my computer - not a great pic, but whatever I on the other side of the camera! ;) LOL!

Jan 17th
With the weather reaching the mid-60's, we hit the park with our friends.  Here are the boys investigating the ice covered stream ... and if you look near the top of the pic, you can see the dads up at the top field - where we later played kickball, baseball & football!  Good times!

TFL :)


Beth said...

looks like you had a busy but fun week!

Nicole said...

YAY for you being out from behind the camera! Fun photos!

LeslieinTN said...

Like looking at all your photos. I think that's a good picture of you - pretty! Oh and LOL at the contents of Seth's pocket and the quote. Our weather men are usually the opposite, they'll predict 2-5 inches of snow and we'll get nothing.

Maryfrances said...

Well look at you that you got in one of your photos. Also love the pocket content one. I think I may need to add that in to mine somewhere.

carrie said...

Busy week you had. My daughter who is turning 8 in a few weeks is gonna have her first sleep over here at the house...can't wait!?!?!?

Janice Guazzo said...

Great photos...Seth is adorable.