Saturday, January 24, 2009

Project 365 Jan 18th - Jan 24th

And another week is behind us and I am totally lovin' this project 365!! This is going to be super cool to look back at and see all of the everyday things we take for granted!! I haven't printed any pictures yet, I think I will do that at the end of each month and put them in the album.

Jan 18th - Our 12th wedding anniversary! Awwww! We didn't do anything but watch the football play-off's on tv ... I am still catching slack for not wanting to go to Brook's Steakhouse that night - but never fear, I will redeem it one of these days! ;)

Jan 19th - Here is the site from my scrap table; my faithful shadow Oswald (notice my white storage cube?) :)

Jan 20th - A new president takes office, it's amazing to have a discussion about the inauguration and history with Seth.

Jan 21st - When Rick works late, it's cereal night for Seth & me!

Jan 22nd - Just givin' back to the economy!

Jan 23rd - Grocery Shopping!! I left my list in the car and I remembered all but two items! WTG! lol!

Jan 24th - A monster truck on our fruit bowl; this just says "Seth was here" I have a collection of photos over the past 8 years of things like this. (Of course when I was taking the pic I barely touched the monster truck & he fell ... I couldn't get him to stay up there so it's a wonder how Seth got him to stay there for the past few days!)

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog! :)


Jolene said...

Happy anniversary, you lovebirds! xo♥

Marjorie said...

Awesome photos C. Belated Happy Anniversary!

Janice Guazzo said...

Happy anniversary! Great photos again this week!

Maryfrances said...

Happy Happy Day to both you and Rick. Love Oswald and his spot. I have a showdow like that and I LOVE him.

Nicole said...

It is so fun to see a peek into everyone's lives with this Project 365! Even though we don't talk much anymore, I still feel a bit connected by seeing your photos.

Happy Belated Anniversary! ♥