Saturday, January 31, 2009

Project 365 Jan 25th - Jan 31st

YAY! Here we are with another week of Project-365 down! I am really enjoying thinking of 'everyday' photos to show off our everyday life!!

This week I am playing with some frames in Photoshop - not sure if I like them on all of the photos - def LOVE it on my Friday Starbucks photo! ;)

Jan 25th
Lazy Sunday - Seth playing his favorite Wii game from Christmas: Monster Jam Urban Assult; he is also still in his pj bottoms! lol - He loves lazy days at home & lately it seems we are having more of these days! Love it! Frame by Kim Crothers

Jan 26th
Our big snow storm that didn't amount to anything - lol - the story this winter! We still have a few more months to get one good snow storm in! Frame by Andrea Victoria

Jan 27th
Clean dishes just waiting to be put away! Frame: BHA SnapFrame Brush Set

Jan 28th
Seth at his wrestling scrimmage - he took first place in the first round!! He was so proud of himself. He took second over all in his matches today. GREAT JOB! Frame by Sande Kreiger for Two Peas.

Jan 29th
Had to renew our auto registrations today - the one & only time I will have to do this during 2009 since both vehicles renew at the same time (due to me not renewing them in a timely fashion in 2007!) ACK! Frame by Sande Kreiger for Two Peas.

Jan 30th
Fridays are great anyway but even better with a Grande Toffee Nut Latte (non-fat) from Starbucks sitting on my desk at work! :) Frame by Sande Kreiger for Two Peas.

Jan 31st
Seth's basketball game! They are 4-0 ... today the score was 72-19 today AMAZING!


Maryfrances said...

Love your photos for this week C. I really like how you put different borders around them also.

Marjorie said...

Again, another week of great photos. We can renew our registrations through the mail...I would never go to our DMV. *smiles* It's a mad house most of the time.

Nicole said...

YAY for another week of fun photos! That Starbucks looks good right now! :)

1 month down, 11 to go! LOL!!

Corey said...

love the photos - I really need to figure out how to use frames! the snowflake one and the one on your latte are my faves!!!